Cuisine Critique: Brazilian


Each Monday, all of the interns leave the office and head to a restaurant for lunch. This week, we sampled Brazilian food from a little kiosk called Brazuka’s inside a mall food court.

The restaurant was set up similarly to Chipotle, with bowl or burrito options that are put together right in front of you. Many of us ordered the chicken bowl for added protein, though the veggie bowl looked appetizing as well. Since they make it in front of you, the meals are very easy to customize and make heart healthy.

For a heart healthy bowl, I would ask for less or no rice, depending on preference. With that, I would include black beans, lots of mixed veggies, cucumber salad, corn, diced tomatoes, lettuce and a bit of guacamole. If more protein is needed, I’d choose a lean protein like the chicken.

Were I to ever visit Brazuka’s again, I would definitely ask for an extra side of the cucumber salad- it was to die for! The chicken was also great quality and had amazing flavor. To get a full sampling of Brazilian cuisine, I tried an empanada with ground beef, cheese and veggies that was made fresh when I ordered it, and it was fantastic as well.

Overall, I got a great impression from Brazilian food and will be eating it more often. As an added benefit, there was so much food that I couldn’t finish all of it & it cost less than $10. As a college student I am always on the lookout for a food bargain, and Brazuka’s was certainly that. I would suggest it to anyone!

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