Cuisine Critique: German


It doesn’t feel right using our experience this week as a full representation of German food. We went to Little Germany in downtown Fort Worth for lunch, and none of us were very pleased by the end.

The appetizers started off great, with potato pancakes and cheese fondue to share that were very tasty. From there it was all downhill. We get an hour and a half for cohort lunches, and spent 90 minutes just sitting at the restaurant because service was so slow- and ended up being late back to the office.

Not a single person out of eight interns enjoyed their entree. In fact, a few of us just got sides because nothing on the menu sounded appetizing, and those weren’t satisfying either. I had mixed vegetables and sauerkraut, which had no seasonings and very little flavor. The slow service did not help my impression of the restaurant.

Since German food is something I’ve eaten before, I was really disappointed by the food at Little Germany. Maybe it was just an off day or time, but I don’t see myself going back there again.

However, I’ll certainly eat German food again, so it’s important to find some common menu items that are heart healthy. For sides, sauerkraut and red cabbage are good choices, though sometimes sauerkraut can be high in sodium. Mixed vegetables can also contribute to heart health with lots of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Some entree options include grilled fish or chicken and pork chops. While sausage is a traditional German dish, it can be high fat and high sodium and thus doesn’t make the heart healthy list.

There are many ways to eat heart healthy, even on a German diet!

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