Cuisine Critique: Japanese


We made the trek to downtown Fort Worth this Monday en route to Piranha Killer Sushi to gain cultural knowledge about Japanese food! This restaurant has earned a spot on my favorites list. The food was terrific, and on top of that I didn’t have to look hard to find heart healthy options. The service was quick and all of our plates looked beautiful coming out of the kitchen.

I had the vegetarian sushi bento box, because the avocado roll was calling my name! It came with 3 different rolls and 2 salads, which lasted me both lunch and dinner. Something that delicious should be bad for you, but there were so many veggies that I didn’t feel bad about eating it at all. Most of the bento boxes and sushi rolls could be considered heart healthy, as well as the seaweed salad and edamame. However, one thing to avoid when making healthy choices with Japanese food is the word ‘tempura’ since those items are fried.

All the interns did end up splurging on dessert because it was something we’d never tried: tempura-fried banana served with red bean and green tea ice cream. Every last bite was eaten, and those ice cream flavors were incredibly refreshing. It’s much easier to justify dessert when you share with 8 other people!

If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll definitely find myself back at Piranha Killer Sushi before the summer ends.

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