Reflection: Week Six


This internship is flying by- I can’t believe I only have two weeks left at Meals On Wheels! This week went super fast because we were so busy.

In addition to working, the interns used this week to try out our free week of CorePower yoga. Since it was free, we went every day (and I may or may not still be sore). It was very different from all the yoga classes I’ve ever taken because each class was technically ‘hot’ yoga, clocking in at 95 degrees or higher. I definitely had to drink a lot of water after spending an hour working out in that!

I also went on two site visits, Wednesday and Thursday, which was nice hands-on experience and I enjoyed getting out of the office. There’s now a new list of people I need to call each week, for the Healthy Moves program. This is a program for individuals wanting to get stronger that seem motivated; their case manager shows them some exercises to do and sets a goal for how often they will do them. The exercises include bicep curls, ankle flexes, and seated (or standing) step in place. My job is to call every week, encourage them to continue doing these and ask how they’ve been going.

Several guest speakers came in to talk to us as well. We got tips on resume and job interview skill from a former Meals On Wheels employee, learned what all being a sports dietitian entails, and heard about the inner workings of school nutrition.

On Thursday, we had a very heated discussion about the 5-bite diet. This is a diet for weight loss, based on the diet for gastric bypass patients. A person on this diet is not allowed to eat breakfast, but can eat whatever they want for lunch and dinner- as long as they only eat five bites of it. The goal with this is to eat less than 800 calories per day. At breakfast time, the doctor who came up with the diet recommends taking a multivitamin, even though you can’t eat anything. While the diet may be effective for weight loss, it is certainly not healthy. There is no way that an 800 calorie or less diet would include all necessary nutrients, and taking a multivitamin with no food at breakfast wouldn’t really help. The diet warns against exercise too, because you’re taking in so few calories that it’s almost impossible to exercise. Therefore, eating so few calories means you’d be breaking down muscle mass, and one of our most important muscles is the heart. If heart health is compromised by a diet, it’s definitely not something I would recommend.

All in all, I had a really good week. Doing so much exercise gave me a ton of energy, we ate lots of good food, and I got a lot of work done. Only two weeks to go!

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