Closing Thoughts: Meals on Wheels


These short 8 weeks taught me so much- about myself, about nutrition, about teamwork…the list is endless. I am extremely grateful to the dietitians and staff at Meals On Wheels for allowing 10 undergraduate interns to have such a big impact on their organization. I plan on staying in touch with each of the interns- there’ll be no getting rid of me! Becoming friends with the 9 other women I sat next to every day was tremendously rewarding, and I feel as though I’ve known them my entire life. I can’t wait to see where we all end up. Although our tracks were paralleled for 8 weeks, I know we’re off to completely different, equally incredible futures. After our emotional goodbyes, I drove out of the Meals On Wheels parking lot one last time and brought this chapter of my life to a close.

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