Senior Elite Night


This year, the Montevallo Nutrition department selected me as their representative on Senior Elite Night. To be Senior Elite is a great honor, as it means that out of all seniors in the department, you are the most outstanding. It is chosen from the votes of all professors, who take into account character, dedication, and performance – not simply GPA.

As always, I am incredibly appreciative of the faculty and staff at my university. Though they awarded me this honor, it is through their wonderful attitudes and willingness to help that I’m able to achieve at a high level. From my first semester at Montevallo when some of the people I looked up to most were chosen as their department’s Senior Elite, I established that as one of my college goals. Seeing all of my hard work come to fruition was a very rewarding experience.

My parents traveled all the way from Texas to come to the ceremony- and boy was I glad to see them! The ceremony took place right at the part of the semester where I start to get homesick (not to mention overloaded with schoolwork) so it was perfect timing. I loved introducing them to my friends, many of which were also honored that night. It was sad to see them head back home, but we had a great visit.

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