Last Clinical Rotation


After FNCE, I began my LAST clinical rotation at Baptist Medical Center East in Montgomery. It was an hour and a half drive to and from Montevallo every day! Luckily, the dietitian there allowed me much freedom as an intern, which I’m very grateful for. It was certainly different than the first hospital I rotated at, UAB Medical West, in size, documentation, and atmosphere. Baptist East was much smaller, with only one dietitian on staff. The electronic medical record (EMR) was a new system for me, but surprisingly easy to navigate. There were no paper charts to put assessments in (a blessing) and the assessment or screening had a specific format, whereas at my other rotations much of the dietitian’s work was put in the system as free text notes.

One thing I found interesting about my time at Baptist East was that the dietitian was employed by Morrison’s- the food service company- and not directly by the hospital. This opened up an avenue for a future career that I had not yet considered. I also realized at this rotation that I don’t think I would like to be a solo dietitian at a facility. At this point, having another professional available to bounce ideas off of appeals to me.

To add to my list of ‘must-haves’ in a job- a short commute. I want to be excited to go to work and not feel like I’m wasting my life for 3 hours in a car every day. Each rotation imparts a little more wisdom that will help me decide where to go after graduation.

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