WIC Rotation


I started the new semester with a community nutrition experience at WIC. This was my first rotation involving children, so I was interested to see how I’d like it. In addition, WIC is a state-run program with federal funding- my first time navigating a government job. There were 2 dietitians, 2 nutritionists, and a lab aide working in the office, which gave me plenty of different perspectives to learn from. On several occasions, the lab aide was out- allowing me to obtain anthropometrics and hemoglobin levels on moms and children alike. There was definitely a learning curve with collecting blood samples for the hemoglobin check, but once I got it down I loved taking those.

Food insecurity is something I’m very passionate about, especially with children. Therefore, this rotation made me feel as though I was making a difference in my community. A line of the purpose of my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, aligns with these values completely- “To welcome the opportunity of contributing to the world’s work in the community where I am placed, because of the joy of service thereby bestowed and the talent of leadership multiplied.” My heart was full every time I was able to encourage families to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle and print them checks to help them do just that.

Working at WIC showed me that I’m incredibly interested in working with children. While I think I’d like to start my career in a hospital, that decision narrows down what I’m looking for, so job search here I come!

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