Within the next 5 years, I will pursue a degree beyond my B.S.- whether that’s a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) or something else. My love of understanding has always driven me to obtain the highest education level in my chosen field. In addition, ongoing learning is one of my core values, so when not enrolled in courses I’ll continue to read the latest research and stay up to date.

Some of my short and long term goals include creating a community garden in a food desert, teaching a course on how to present well for healthcare professionals, and becoming totally fluent in Spanish.

I haven’t quite decided the route I’ll take as a professional (there’s still time!). There are so many concentrations in this field that I enjoy, which makes it much more difficult to narrow it down. I believe that everyone has a niche- something they can do that no one else can. My goal is to find my niche and use it to the best of my ability.

Frequent travel will assist me in having a broad impact, allowing me to learn language and culture while helping as many people as possible through nutrition. With this, I believe in forming a network with professionals in both nutrition and other fields to introduce opportunities around the world.